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Kelly is a teacher who uses TPRS and other Contextualized Comprehensible Input-based techniques to increase student fluency in a second-language classroom.  She presents and coaches other educators regularly at WAFLT (WI), CSCTFL, NTPRS, and IFLT where she has shared her experience and knowledge with other teachers on a variety of subjects, including Comprehensible Input/TPRS, Classroom Management, and Culture Integration among others.  Along her professional journey, Kelly sought and achieved National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification.   Her credentials include :

  •  National Board Certified Teacher (EAYA-WLOE)
  •  19 years TPRS® teaching experience; including 12 NTPRS annual conferences and 2 IFLT conferences
  •  6 years coaching experience at NTPRS, 2 years at IFLT
  •  Pilot teacher for Charo y Lee curriculum by Michael Miller
  •  B.A. Education & Spanish, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh; M.S.Ed, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
  •  19 years teaching grades 7-12 Spanish
  •  Presenter at numerous local & state workshops
  •  Professional organizations : WAFLT, ACTFL, CSCTFL Advisory Council
  •  Link Crew Orientation Coordinator (Boomerang Project/Link Crew)
  • Author of Embedded Readings & Curriculum Contributor to Sr. Wooly’s Website

CompellingInstruction brings you:

  • Workshops/Presentations

                      *Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (1- and 2-day
                      *Classroom Management
                      *Technology/Web 2.0 Classroom Infusions
                      *UDL/Backwards Design
                      *Textbook adaptation
                      *Realidades Textbook Use
                      *SMART Notebook/SMART Boards (not a certified trainer through SMART Tech.)
                      *Literacy, Reading activities, Close Reading
                      *Culture in the Language Classroom
                      *Standards-based and Skills-Based Assessment and Grading
                      *Social Emotional Learning Standards (SELS) & PBIS
                      *National Board Certification mentoring & coaching
                      *National Board Certification jump start (4-day or 2-day training)
  • Coaching

                       * One-on-one video coaching
                       *Small group coaching (live or video)
                       *Coaching at NTPRS and IFLT  (National TPRS Conferences)
  • Consulting

                       *Customized presentations and seminars to meet your needs.
                       *Flexible length/scheduling to fit your professional development

Past Workshops & Presentations

“It’s all about THEM!” Making class engaging with your students as content –University School of Milwaukee Summer Spark 2016, IFLT 2016,                                          WAFLT 2016, CSCTFL 2017

“What the Heck is Embedded Reading?” –WAFLT Fall Conference, November 2015

“Not Just Another Tech Session”–WAFLT Fall Conference, November 2015

“Essential Learning, Effective Assessment”–WAFLT Fall Conference, November 2014

“More Than Just a Reader”–WAFLT Fall Conference, November 2013

“Not Just Food Units & Holiday Parties: Culture in the Classroom”–WAFLT Fall Conference, November 2012

1-day TPRS Workshop–CSCTFL, March 2012

“These Kids are Driving Me Crazy”–CSCTFL workshop session

1-day TPRS Workshop–Ashwaubenon/West DePere, WI, January 2012

1-day TPRS Workshop–WAFLT Fall Conference, November 2011

“These Kids are Driving Me Crazy”–WAFLT Fall Conference, November 2011

TPRS Basics with Realidades–Chicago, IL, July 2011

Wisconsin TPRS Coach & Chat Host–October, 2011

Infusing Technology in World Languages–WAFLT Fall Conference, November 2010

Infusing Technology in World Languages–Madison, WI, August, 2010







Share! We're all in this together!