CSCTFL 2022: Hindsight of 2020

Presentation and Links/Resources from the session

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Presentation PDF:

All the links from the session (and others I’ve thought of since)

Chat Mats & Cheat Sheets

Amy Lenord Chat Mats

Bethanie Carlson-Drew Weekend Chat Mats

Tab/Link Organizers

Toby (Mini) – Chrome extension that will group open tabs into a bunch so you can come back to them to read later. Or if you’re like me, forget them forever. In my opinion the mini version is absolutely the better option. And is free. The “full” version has free/paid parts…and I don’t remember why but seemed like a less attractive/useful version anyhow.

Trello – great if you have a team you’re collaborating on resources with. You can organize projects you’re working on as well as links and materials. It is more than just a link organizer. It’s probably a lot like Slack or Monday, in some respects.

Raindrop – I’ve never used it but this comes HIGHLY recommended from all the sites where I looked for bookmark managers.

Bookmark Ninja – Another one I haven’t used, but from what I have seen it looks absolutely useful and user-friendly.

Find & Follow These People

Lisa McHargue – Organize with Lisa McH (YouTube channel) or her website.

Sites That Do All The Things

Formative (The website I’m going to marry one of these days. It does many things for free, everything if you pay for it.)

Flippity (make all sorts of interactive things, like a spinner wheel or a game, from a spreadsheet or type the list of things directly)

Whiteboard (quick, easy, free. Individual digital whiteboards for kids, you can see all boards in your class session.)

Classroom Screen (A cool way to add focus to the class projection screen. You can include timers, instructions, etc.)

Where To Find The Perfect App




Planning Your Day/Schedule

Some advice on day planning/work flow

Todoist (a to-do list I like, which can link across your devices!)

Habitica (less work-focused but a good to-do list/habit builder if you want something that is game-ified. Has a browser version & an app you can link.)

Assorted Resources From the Session

Frase secreta (Secret Password) List

The vibe of what’s on the list: Cliches and expressions that are hard to teach and find enough uses regularly in class to have them really sink in. But you can bet I’m trying to find ways to use the past frases as much as possible after we learn them!

(Thanks to Bryce Hedstrom and Alina Filipescu from whom I’ve stolen many of them.)

NOTE: I did not stick to the schedule here. I have sometimes kept one for 2 weeks especially around breaks or when we had an especially long one or one kids just didn’t remember for whatever reason. So, best of intentions to organize this have failed. But after doing a really long one I have tried to swap around so the next one is shorter. I was just too lazy to reorder the list. This is a “published to the web” link to my actual document so it may change as I think of new and/or better ones to use. Please feel free to send me any I should add!!!

Window Swap: See what someone else sees out their window! I think it’s cool to just watch, but also could be good for cultural discussion, or even just describing weather, what we see, etc. It’s a random place so you can’t pick, but you might find yourself in a different climate than yours to talk about & compare!

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