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POST DATE: September 6, 2019

Day 1, 6th or 7th hour.

Student: Where are your desks?

Me: I don’t have any.

Student: What?

Me: Yeah. They took up too much space.

Student: So, your room is just like this?

Me: Yep.

Student: No, really?

Me: Really.

Student: Like, always? Are you serious?

Me: Yep.

Student: ?

Today was day 3. A few were confused. Some are adjusting to finding a writing surface, although we haven’t done very much writing. I haven’t assigned seats, so it is taking a while to get names, and I’m not sure if it is too crowded or not. I might need to shift kids to 3-deep and more toward the middle? Or something else.

Share! We're all in this together!