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CI Midwest 2022: Just Ducky

WAFLT 2022: Low Prep / High Yield

CSCTFL 2022: Hindsight of 2020

iFLT 2021 Session: Tech, Yeah! or Tech, nah?

COMPREHENDED! 2021 Presentation Materials and Links

SCOLT 2021 VIRTUAL Conference Presentation Materials

WAFLT 2020 ONLINE Conference Presentations

WAFLT 2019 Presentation Handouts

CI Midwest 2019 Presentation Handouts

Comprehensible California 2019 Presentation Handouts

IFLT 2019 Lunchtime Talk

“Finding activities in the most unexpected places

MITTEN CI 2019 Presentation Handouts

Click here for NBPTS Workshop Resources

Click here for the  Film Making Handouts & Videos

TPRS and Comprehensible Input Resources

AP Spanish Literature Resources

  Handouts from Kelly’s Earlier Workshops

WAFLT 2018: Amazing Race & a Wild Goose Chase, About National Board Certification, Comprehensible Cultural Input session information and handouts

Agen, France conference 2018: Reading session handout

CSCTFL 2018: Life Hacks–Classroom Edition and List of Brain Breaks

CSCTFL 2018: Social Media for Professional Development presentation and who to follow list.

WAFLT 2017: Life Hacks–Classroom Edition

WAFLT 2017: Social Media for Professional Development Session presentation highlights and Who to Follow social media list

CSCTFL 2017: It’s all about THEM–CSCTFL17 Presentation (just the “noteworthy” parts)

CSCTFL 2017: Strategy Harvest (notes page)

WAFLT 2016: Paving the Road to Community Connections

WAFLT 2016: It’s all about THEM! Session presentation and Strategy Harvest handout

WAFLT 2015:  Not Another Tech Session presentation and handout

WAFLT 2015: What the Heck is Embedded Reading presentation

WAFLT 2014:  Essential Learning, Effective Grading handout

These Kids are Driving me Crazy presentation

These Kids are Driving me Crazy handout

Infusion of Technology online resources list

Lesson Planning Template adapted from Cris Tovani’s Do I Really Have to Teach Reading and the LaFollette High School Instructional Purpose Sheet

Circling Template-TPRS a template for varying the questions you use while “circling”


Other Files For Download

Click the link above for other resources I’ve created and found to share that are not from specific workshops or sessions.

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Share! We're all in this together!