Señor Wooly Workshop Resources

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Here are the handouts from the

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Filmmaking Workshop at

NTPRS 2016, ACTFL 2016, and CSCTFL 2017


BasicVideoRules:  Sr. Wooly’s top 10 rules for making films


TheVideoProductionProcess: A reminder of the step-by-step process to plan, film, and edit your video


Apps for Video Editing:  Some apps you can use to edit video right on your device, with comments based on my limited experience using many of them.


Video Projects made by Participants

Link to “Oh Billy” by Gail, Erin, Brooke, and K-Lee, NTPRS 2016

Link to “The 18th Floor” by Ken H., David A., and Martha McKay, NTPRS 2016

Link to “Michelle is Tired“, tweeted by @MJtprs, @MmeHayles, and @SraSchweitzer, NTPRS 2016.  Frankly, I’m not sure if this link works, and may only work for you if you’re on twitter.   Please let me know if it does or doesn’t.

Link to Srta. Hammond’s group project, NTPRS 2016  Again, another twitter one, so…hope it works!

Share! We're all in this together!